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Hi! I’m Ines.

Psychologist, Entrepreneur and Creative.

Let's start talking about mental health, not as problems we need to fix but as invitations to change for the better.

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We are never lost, only disconnected.

Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, burn-out, career dissatisfaction or problematic relationships ...
Discomfort is a sign that our “Normal” is broken and that a shift is needed.

I can help you navigate that process.

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Happy Clients

I am so grateful to have met a therapist that finally understands me and does not judge me. I am a traveller that always wants more and does not want to fit in society's boxes, and since Ines has been quite a traveller herself, I never felt judged and always understood by her. I had some urgent issues.


Legal Advisor / Lausanne & Denmark

Before working with Ines I had never gone to therapy before. Since working with Ines, I've really grown and am able to be more focused on what I want and need in my life. Ines has some very deep and powerful insights and it's always a good feeling when she helps spark an "ah-ha" moment. She's also very reliable and has very accommodating availabilities. I genuinely always feel better after one of her sessions!


Sales Executive/ New York City

When I met Ines the first time, I knew I want to change something in my life but couldn’t really describe it. Weekly 1-on-1 sessions with her, helped me to live up to my expectations as I was able to define my ideal life style. This provides me the energy to work on my plans to make my dream life come true! In my opinion Ines is a great coach as well as a great role model if you want to discover your true self.



With her background in psychology Ines doesn’t just teach you some tricks, she really knows what she is talking about. Ines helps you to understand who you are, change your mindset and become the person you need to be to realize your dreams.


FOUNDER / Netherlands

Working with Ines gave me insights, motivation and inspiration to find myself again. She helped me in understanding how to do work again that is connected to my “drivers” and heart. My experience during the sessions with Ines was a feeling of openness and trust and the feeling of immediate self development. Ines inspired me in so many ways and gave me the tools and thoughts how to get out of the spiral I was unhappily stuck in.



If you are a passionate entrepreneur and you want to transform yourself or your project, I definitely recommend working with Ines! I'm deeply grateful to Ines for the energy, inspiration, and wisdom that she shared with me.


PHOTOGRAPHER / Netherlands

Ines has greatly helped me in the past years to rediscover my sense of self, build my esteem, confidence and happiness. I've experienced significant improvement and growth after few months already! Amazing therapist with great work ethics and inspiration.


Customer Success Officer / Utrecht

I love working with Ines. She has a lot of expertise and good energy. Guides the conversation in a pleasant way and she's able to match her energy with mine. Looking forward to the next one.


Sales Executive/ Amsterdam

From our very first session, Ines has had incredibly insightful and helpful advice. She quickly understood me, where I am more open and where I find it more challenging to be open; she keeps this in mind and is considerate towards me, but also direct. I appreciate that we are always able to share a laugh too!


SENIOR HR / London

Ines is direct and thoughtful. I appreciate the no-BS method of discussing challenges I am going through. She is very kind and always open to anything I am going through.



Purpose and meaning are not
things we need to look for.
We all have them within us.

Finding purpose is about moving from a state of disconnect into a state of alignment. It's about reconnecting with yourself, building an environment that brings the best out of you and learning to listen to your true heart's desires.

I have developed a process that will support you on that journey!

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