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The Hague
Valeriusstraat 65
2517 HN Den Haag
Herengracht 213-II
1016 BG Amsterdam
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Happy Clients

Hubert Penn
Founder and COO
The Netherlands
“Part of our half-yearly team outing at start-up Dexter was to work with Ines on becoming unstoppable as individuals, working in a highly dynamic, stressful and unstructured start-up environment. The effect of her way-of-story-telling was that a 'safe' environment was created, therefore meaningful and honest insights were shared amongst us. This led to understanding what the individuals need from Dexter and what Dexter needs from the individual to thrive and grow!”
Alana Carazon
Marketing & Business Development
Czech Republic
“Ines is a great mentor with a unique background that allows her to help an extremely wide range of personality types move faster towards achieving their goals. One should also mention that her skills are supported by advanced academic knowledge of the human brain. However, academics did not make her a bore! Teaching people about something real and practical while keeping them entertained is a rarity.”
Charlotte van der Landen
Founder and CEO
The Netherlands
"I met Ines during one of her masterclasses. At that time I have just quit my job to start my own business. With her program “Becoming Unstoppable, Ines her power, energy and knowledge really helped me to understand my brain and to translate this to myself and the points I wanted to change/strengthen. When I look back from where I was until now, I can truly say that Ines helped me in this process. So if you are truly serious about growing and becoming unstoppable, then Ines is your go-to person!”