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My Services

Everything I offer is available online, in-person and in your choice of Dutch, English and French. Through a combination ofmindset awareness, neuroscience and behavioral change we can build a lifestyle based on your terms which allows you to thrive, rather than just survive.
Counseling is a proven method to transition away from burn-out, stress related diseases, depression & anxiety. No matter where your journey in life has taken you, I provide a judgement-free and empowering way to head in the direction you want.
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Courses & Programs
Learning ‘How to Become Unstoppable’ and going ‘From Burn-out to Breakthrough’ … Resilience, performance and balance are at the heart of my courses. Everything is simple, straightforward, rooted in science and designed to fit your lifestyle.  
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Public Speaking
My experience on stage has given me an energetic, inspiring way of communicating to audiences from all over the world. If you would like to hear more about how I can help with anything from ‘Performance & Resilience on the Work Floor’, ‘Burn-out’ and the ‘How of Becoming Unstoppable’, just reach-out!
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My Outlook

Everything I do is guided by a powerful combination of science and intuition. We put rigid frameworks and fixed processes to the side and instead focus on you and your story. You will always be moving in the direction you choose, creating a personal toolbox along the way that sets you up for success.
I have developed a tried and trusted approach that will allow you to re-connect with the real you. Together we overcome obstacles, stop playing small, and help you fully commit to the life you want to lead. And because I speak three languages fluently, have worked with individuals from 20+ countries, I am trained to see deeper then just the cultural dynamics.

My Process

STEP 1 - The journey begins
We start with an open, honest and judgement-free introductory session that allows you to see how we align and connect. We’ll gradually unpack the things life has made you carry and talk about how we can find the right way forward together.
STEP 2 - We make a commitment
One-off sessions don’t change things overnight; for real change you need to commit to the process and invest in yourself. We’ll sit down, talk openly, and figure out the best approach with your mindset, lifestyle and goals all playing their parts.
STEP 3 - We plan for the future
The simple act of bringing a notepad to record those “aha moments,” insights and homework during our time together really is transformative. At the end of every journey, we take stock of where we are so that we can continue to plan our path forward together in a way that sets your mind at ease.


The Discovery
5 Sessions
(once every 3 weeks)
650 Eur
The Voyage
8 Sessions
(once every 2 weeks)
995 Eur
The Pilgrimage
12 Sessions
1.399 Eur
Single Session
165 Eur

*I am a registered Psychologist with NIP
(Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen).
Therefore, part of my services are covered by Insurance.
Check the FAQ below or contact me for more details.

Happy Clients

Tatiana Shalunova
“… If you are a passionate entrepreneur and you want to transform yourself or your project, I definitely recommend working with Ines!
I'm deeply grateful to Ines for the energy, inspiration, and wisdom that she shared with me.”
Matthijs Wijnands
“With her background in psychology Ines doesn’t just teach you some tricks, she really knows what she is talking about. Ines helps you to understand who you are, change your mindset and become the person you need to be to realize your dreams.”
Eva Řeháková
Investor & Founder
"Inès is a very good and inspiring speaker. I really enjoyed her event in Prague, she shared a lot of valuable information about confidence with us, all based on her own experiences. I can really recommend visiting one of her events!”


Does my Insurance cover your services

I am a licensed psychologist and registered with NIP (Nederlands Instituut voor Psychologen). This means that my services are partially covered by insurance. However, this is dependent on the type of contract you have (for Dutch residents) and policy of the insurer (for internationals e.g. Cigna).

To know whether or not your insurance company will reimburse my services, you will have to contact them. Please provide my NIP Number and my AGB numbers if required.

NIP: 234985
ABG: 94109420 & 94066410

What is your cancelation policy

You can cancel your appointment up to 24h beforehand via email.  
If you forget to cancel within 24h before the start of your appointment, you will be fully charged.

Can I pay in installments?

Payment plans can be provided. Please request more information during the introduction session.