Leaving Holland

It is done. No way back now...

The Hague, October 30th 2022.

Last Sunday I closed the door of my apartment in The Hague one last time. Bye bye house, bye bye homebase. Will I come back to this city? I don’t know. Whatever it will be, life will show me what’s next. 

It all started with the intention to make 2022 “the year of doing”. I allowed myself to follow my heart more, to say ‘yes’ more and to follow my creative “urges”. And with just 2 months left on the clock I can look back on a year full of adventure, travel and growth. 

The final chapter in the making

There is something very liberating about getting rid of everything and allowing yourself to go back to basics. But at the same time, this process has triggered so many fears. And just like I teach my clients, I look at them as invitations. 

A better version of me is being summoned, because I have learned it is the only way to tackle fears. Instead of dismissing them, I have to sit with them. Embracing the discomfort and learning what I still need to heal. A strategy I use and teach, so I can transition into a version of me that will build the life I want. 

There is something beautiful about this process. Emotions are messengers, they teach us something about our needs. And over the past two weeks I have learned a lot about mine. It's having deep conversations with myself about those narratives that are keeping me small. 

It made me realize even more how suffering is very often related to holding on to things we need to let go off. #lifelesson. Because in order for something better to show-up, we need to create space first. And I kind off took that to extremes.

Many think I am starting over, but I am not. 

My intention this year was to show-up in life more authentically and purposefully. I wanted to experience how it would feel to live more from the heart. I wanted to build courage to trust "the process" more and to experience what life would look like if I ‘just did it’. 

Just a few more weeks before we close the year and I can honestly look back and feel proud. My experiment has enabled me to be reunited with my friends in different parts of the world. It made me travel to Peru, explore the south of Spain and it will take me to a 3rd continent later this month. 

Last week, the chapter “Holland” officially came to a close. A small sacrifice in order to embrace my global career and lifestyle. The Netherlands definitely made me a better person. I am more grounded, have a healthier lifestyle and I have grown confidence as a human and as an entrepreneur. 

This culture has taught me to speak-up, to set clear boundaries and to think out of the box because innovation and business is part of this country's DNA. Thinking practical and keeping it simple have been guiding forces. And with that I am now preparing for my next move. 

If it wasn't for the weather, I would have stayed in the Netherlands. Because let’s face it, the country is very well organized. Life is easy here. But I can no longer ignore the obvious difference in energy I feel when being in a place with a milder and, dare I say, friendlier climate. 

I have a plan, I have a goal and I am making space to allow life to happen for me. 

Where I will move to next is a mystery. But I am allowing myself to not know, because I don’t need to know yet. I am working 100% remotely, building a business online and serving people from all over the world and in 3 different time zones. I have the luxury to move around and feel my way into my new homebase. 

Will I stay in the South of Europe, will I move to South America or will I just travel for a while? It is as much of a mystery to you as it is to me. But as always, I am taking you with me on this journey. 

In just two weeks time I will be flying to the land of the lion king, Tanzania. I have nothing planned yet, I just need to arrive and take it from there. I have 5 weeks to discover Zanzibar, Serengeti and to spend time with my friend Maureen. 

So off I go ...

It took me 4 years to finally step into the life I visualised for myself. To live in total freedom and to allow myself to do the things that make my soul smile. Images that were once part of pinterest, movies and documentaries are now part of my day-to-day. 

I gave myself permission to choose “different”. I chose to no longer settle. And in order to step fully into that life, I had to release so many things. But if there is one thing I have learned that I want to share today, it is this: Never abandon yourself, your desires or your dreams. 

Life will always provide a way for your dreams to become reality. All you have to do is show-up for them and tackle all the things that are in the way. And to do so consistently, deliberately and with determination. Seek the support you need in order to make it happen. Have the courage to invest and learn to trust that you are enough.   

And in case you feel this sounds too easy to be true, just follow me on my adventures. Sign-up for my letters and receive updates about my process in your mailbox. Because if you want to lead by example, you need to be willing to go first (and inspire others along the way).

Sending you so much love,


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